Enhance. Your. Event.

We give you the most options when it comes to event customization. We can do almost anything your imagination wants. Snow, clouds, laser beams, High Def Screens, and more. Let’s make your event a unique experience for your guests!


Snow is the newest, coolest option to our Premier add-on lineup. This is perfect for your first dance. The snow “melts” before it hits the floor, leaving zero residue. 


We now offer full documentary style videography for our events. See our full site at www.cutmastermedia.com for details.  


Our company utilizes uplighting like no other. It’s not only a great way to accent your space, but will also become a part of the atmosphere during the party with customized programming.


We build beautiful architectural features that enhance the ballroom space and create an amazing dance floor experience. 


These are 18″ foam glow sticks with multiple play modes to create a super fun element for any type of event. Yes, you get to keep them!

HD Screens

Bring 60″ HD TVs to your event for slide shows, monograms, music videos and more. This is the best way to show crisp, clear content at your event. 

Projector & Screen

If you need something larger than the 60″ TVs, then this is your option for a larger screen format. We use towers and an 8ft screen to display whatever you like. 

video dj booth
Video DJ Booth

Looking for a fresh, new, stylish way to make the DJ booth different? This booth is sleek and can be used for slideshows, monograms, or music videos. 


Our guitarists will learn music for your ceremony and can play different styles for cocktail hour as well. Bring the Spanish guitar experience to your wedding. 


Monograms are a fun way to personalize your event space. We can customize it however you like, with names, dates, initials, etc.

CO2 Geyser Effect

Give your guests the ultimate experience and blast them with the CO2 effect you see in all the hottest nightclubs and festivals. The quick dissipation leaves no residue and is a quick effect leaving no fog in the room.