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You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Can you provide references or reviews? 2016-10-12T18:59:18+00:00

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our reputation and can provide you with contacts or you can also review our award-winning reviews at Wedding Wire. Check them out below!

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Do you have liability insurance? 2015-01-19T05:31:54+00:00

Yes! We have a $1,000,000 policy and can provide a copy of our insurance to your venue if needed.

Do you carry backup equipment? 2015-01-19T05:32:18+00:00

We always have backup speakers, hard drives, and laptops on site. We also have backup DJs ready if needed. We maintain our gear very well, but understand that electronic equipment can fail at any time, which is why having backup gear is a must.

What is your attire? 2016-01-25T15:28:57+00:00

We want the focus to be on you. For most events we wear a dress shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes. Our mission is to keep it sharp and classy. If your event is more informal, we dress according to the attire expected for your event.

Do you take requests from our guests? 2015-01-19T05:33:06+00:00

As long as it’s okay with you, we take requests and play them as long as they fit within the flow of the event. I will never kill your party for a guest request 😉

But what if we only want you to play our playlist? 2015-01-19T05:33:59+00:00

Although your playlist might be great, we ask you to remember how diverse a wedding can be. Cutmaster Music is at its best when we have the ability to read your crowd and make playlist decisions based on your guests and the mood. We always incorporate your songs and keep your vision in mind. But, if you are looking for us to play your ipod, we probably are not the best fit for your event.

We hate cheesy cliche wedding songs. Can we control our playlist? 2015-01-19T05:34:31+00:00

We provide you the opportunity to create playlists through our Gigbuilder online portal. Our approach is to then read your crowd, let your crowd guide us through the night, while mixing in the songs from your playlists. This creates an atmosphere everyone can enjoy!

Can we see one of your weddings? 2016-10-12T18:59:18+00:00

We do not invite potential clients to private events. You will receive the same courtesy. If we have a public event, you are more than welcome to attend. We do invite you to check out our video section of the site or visit our Cutmaster Music YouTube Page that will give you a great idea about a Cutmaster Music experience!

How do we reserve our date? 2016-01-25T15:19:28+00:00

First we confirm all information and get you a contract. This is all handled through our Gigbuilder planning suite. Our Retainer Fee is 20% of your total event price. This amount goes toward your total and is NOT added to it. Once we have a signed contract and paid retainer fee, you’re all set and the planning can begin!

Do you MC? 2015-01-19T05:35:47+00:00

Yes, we handle all formalities and announcements. We are not standup comedians and this is not an American Idol tryout for us. We do not aim to embarrass you or your guests and we actually discourage the “cheese factor” at our events.

Do you offer discounts? 2016-10-12T18:59:18+00:00

From time to time, we will run specials on packages and our add-ons. We always post these in the blog area. So, keep an eye out!

How early do we need to book your services? 2015-01-19T05:36:37+00:00

This depends on the time of year. Summer weddings on average tend to book about a year in advance. Off-peak weddings can be anywhere from a few months to a year in advance. Our slowest months are typically November and January.

Can I include ‘Add-Ons’ later? 2015-01-19T05:36:58+00:00

Yes! Any add-ons can be added to your package later, except for the monogram, which needs a couple of weeks to order.

What are your prices? 2015-01-19T05:38:08+00:00

Our prices are top secret! Just kidding… Actually, we don’t post prices because of the way we structure our packages, which are built to suit your needs. Since you can create your own package, all packages are priced differently based on your needs.